04 December, 2008



Aisyah said...


tumpang tya baju nih ada size XS tak?

NITA said...

salam Aisyah --
Insyallah ada, kalau confirm nak let me know ya..

She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named said...


dearest nita, i first stumbled upon the sumayya t shirt while out on a shopping trip with frens (tesco kota bharu). i just couldnt resist d temptation so i bought this pair (brown stripe), n i must say that i LOVE it! the truth is it is really hard to find anything modest at all nowadays. the clothes sold in stores just dont adhere to the muslimah dress code. so far i have bought SEVEN sumayya tees! what a relief for us muslimahs that somebody is actually designing n selling modest clothes for muslim women! i sincerely hope to see your lovely sumayya tees in major shopping centres nationwide because i believe that there are actually many muslimahs out there who are DYING to dress modestly but just dont know where to get them..inshaAllah

p/s; i hope u do not take my comments personally, but i think u may need to improve ur designs a little bit in order to appeal more to young girls (especially the more stylish ones!)..by that i mean using more neutral tones (avoid over-contrasting tones such as combining black n red! use a lot of soft shades, eg: lilac, turquoise, soft pink, sky blue, etc.), and actually setting a theme to each of your designs (if its more of a sporty tee, it shouldnt have flowers at the base, right? u certainly dont want to go 'outta theme'), i love the magenta sumayya, french rose design, blue stripe, the grey one, flowery blue, n wheat design (just to give you a picture of what attracts young girls), cute small floral designs work better than LARGE ones (bunga besar2 makes one look old, hehe). perhaps you could even try making long feminine skirts.

below are several sites that you may find useful:


softsurroundings (lots of skirt designs)


hopefully my comments were hopeful to you.

salam alaykum

18 year old girl :-)

modesty, the best policy